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Kansas State University
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Kansas State's official website
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There are many Wildcat fan sites out there, but this is the one I always use!
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals

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Todd & Tyler Radio Empire
Todd & Tyler Radio Empire
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The Nerdist
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Green Room Radio
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The comic store is shuttered for good -- this is now my personal homepage. I may share links to other comic book resources, at some point. If I get around to it.

Everything in the left margin links to stuff. All of the stuff on this site is still kind of old, but I'll get around to adding new and just as uninteresting stuff later.

If you came here looking for things related to college sports -- there are other Wildcat's Lairs to be found out there. I'll probably someday post some courtesy links to those places.

The Butzengear link in the upper left will take you to my webcomic site. There's no webcomic there yet, but I'm working on that, too.

Yeah, this place is pretty much Under Construction. Be careful not to step on a board with a nail sticking through it, now.