My List

To be honest, at this point in my life, there are no smaller items that I truly "need", and I pretty much have all the "toys" that I had any real desire for. So, the meat of this list is basically just neat or really way-out there stuff that dug through my brain and said "yeah, that would be cool to have..."

Clicking on the name of each item opens a new window to a webpage somewhere showing pretty much what that item is. Clicking the Images link will go to a page showing pictures of all these things.

Images! "Mackenzie" leather hat $64.99
Saucepan and skillet lids for 6.5, 7.5, and two 10 pans $?.??
Black K-State ballcap $?.??
Sam's Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days $34.99
GE Optical Mouse (Model 98802, 5-Button) $17.99
Lexmark Ink Cartidge - Multicolor (12A1980) $37.99
Lexmark Ink Cartidge - Black (12A1970) $32.99
Laser Pointer $10-$30
High Gain Amplified AM/FM Antenna $24.99

Big Toys!
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