Big Toys!

This is page 2. This is where I keep track of all the high-dollar things that I think I want. I'm kind of particular about what I get here -- that DVD Recorder is a little more expensive than the little generic DVD player they'll have on sale at Wal*Mark this year. ;) If you're looking at these pages with gifts in mind, I'd really recommend going back to Page 1. :)

Images! Drafting Table (with top) $519.36
Drafting Stool $199.99
Digital Camera $299.99
Camera Dock $79.99
Cassette Deck $149.99
DVD Recorder $999.99
Tabletop Portable Dishwasher $179.99
Toshiba 13" Portable Color TV w/front A/V Input Jacks $79.99
Global Positioning System Receiver $139.99