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Created December 24, 2001
This page is ©2001 to Barton Smith
All images are tm to Barton Smith

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pencils (October 2001)
This was a first finished draft of the first half of a two panel comic strip. It was an attempt to take a cheap shot at current events. It'll be stale news by the time I get it finished, if I ever do, and by then, it probably won't be funny. If it ever was.
Mike Moore (Portal) and Deb Phillips (Sonarr) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Bethel's Hair (October 2001)
The "hairstyle" I finally decided worked best with Beth. Or rather, lack of style.
Bethel Duryea (Blue Rocket) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Deb, Dressed for School (October 2001)
On a lark, I made a pencil sketch of Deb, wearing a nice blouse and skirt, ready for school.
Deb Phillips (Sonarr) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Bethel in Flight (September 2001)
Beth's meant to be rocketing across the sky horizontally, facing down, in this one. Without the backgrounds I intended, I figure the pic looks better if she's upright. I used a brush to ink this one. Bethel Duryea (Blue Rocket) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Action Figure (September 2001)
One of the rare pieces of fan art I've done of someone else's character -- it's Margaret, from the webcomic College Roomies From Hell! I was quite happy with the way this turned out. Then I inked it. :P And my colours didn't help much either. I'm still learning though! Margaret ©2001 Maritza Campos; Art ©2001 Bart Smith.
Group Shot (August 2001)
A spur of the moment pencil sketch of the six primary characters from my two comic concepts, Genepool and The Gauntlet. From left to right, they are: Damon, Deb, Martin (in back), Beth (in front), Mike, and Rachel. It was a nice practice in composition, something I still need tons of work on. All characters ©2001 Bart Smith.
Random Sketches (August 2001)
Just fiddling with different styles and getting a feel for some more cartoony aspects and poses here. Mike and Deb (and Deb and Deb!) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Success! (August 2001)
Beth's the child prodigy among my little group of characters. Projects like the energy cannon she's testing here are simple weekend hobbies. I realized after drawing this that, if it's an energy weapon, all that smoke can't be good! Bethel Duryea (Blue Rocket) ©2001 Bart Smith.
Pose (August 2001)
I wanted to play with a more angular style, and decided to work with shading and texture as well. It has its flaws, but I like it, for the most part. Deborah Phillips (Sonarr) ©2001 Bart Smith.
_____ (July 2001)
My first, and so far only, attempt at a completed comic strip. I actually have more of these things scripted out. Somewhere. It wouldn't hurt me to try to make more. Deb Phillips (Sonarr) and Mike Moore (Portal) ©2001 Bart Smith.
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